What You Should Think About Before Purchasing Shutters For Your Georgian Home

Georgian homes are often beautiful pieces of architecture. Whether youre moving house or youve lived in a Georgian house for a long time, when it comes to replacing the shutters this can be easier said than done. Not only were Georgian windows often odd sizes meaning you can buy shutters straight off the shelf, but its very common for Georgian houses to be Grade II listed, meaning all changes to the house need to go through the council and be in keeping with the look. So, what do you need to think about before you purchase shutters for your Georgian home? Heres a few tips and pointers to make the whole process easier.

Firstly, research your supplier thoroughly! Most likely youll have to go for someone that will make bespoke shutters for your windows and this will no doubt come with a price. If youre paying our lots of money then youll want them to be good quality and thats where your research comes in. Compile a list of local shutter makers and then go through them. Speak to them for quotes and read around for reviews! Eventually youll just have to make your decision but the more work you put into your research, the more comfortable youll feel when theyre being fitted.

Remember that the Georgian period spanned over a century from 1814 1920. This large time scale means there are a variety of different styles even within the period. Regency, neoclassic and Palladian styles are all found within this time period and, as such, you need to ensure your shutters will fit into the style of your individual house. Get an expert view on these things and make sure that when youre speaking to whoever youre getting the shutters made then they are aware of the exact style you need.

Obviously, the Georgian period is a major part of history in the UK and as such we take particular pride in the buildings from this era. As a result, there are a large number of Georgian buildings that come under some sort of protection. It is important to make sure of what status your home is under before you make any changes as altering these changes once they have been put into place can be expensive and time costly. Make sure you speak to your council and if required run through any proposed changes with them first.

Obviously, there are lots of things to keep in mind when youre planning on fitting new shutters to your Georgian home but these factors are the main things to remember. Once you have found the right person for the job you will be glad to have made the change and will only be adding to the overall history of the wonderful building that you live in.

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