How To Improve Efficiency Of The Security Guard You Hired Through Security Services

There is a lot you may do to increase the efficiency of the security guards you have got from the security company in your city. Guards do not always essentially get the required stuffs and helpful accessories for watching a home or property and comfortable patrolling. Though the security company may put up a show before you of how efficiently they send their guards, packed up with all necessary items, the reality is often different. Yet, considering that you got lucky to get the best security company, you still may arrange more help for your tighter security, by offering some items to the security guards, after having a thorough discussion with them.

Stun gun

A stun gun is of special help to the security men for feeling confident, that they have a weapon that will let them stun the criminal, without physically injuring the person. A stun gun often buys some time to the security men, while they may stun the criminal, and then think of the next move.

Many security companies give them to their security guards, as because a license is not required for it. But if your security guard has not been given one, then you may offer.

Pepper spray

It may sound silly for many, but pepper spray cans are a great help in many situations. A trained security guard will be able to make much better use of it than a layman, and will be benefitted on duty while being geared up with such accessories.

Torch light

A torch light is the ultimate friend of a security guard working at night. And it is anticipated that the security company will give this accessory to the guard. However, you may still enquire if your guards are happy with the one they have, or need something extra or better.

Video calling phone

A basic cell phone is nowadays even used by a child or a senior person. But what your security guards need at work, is not a basic cell phone, but rather a smartphone with video calling enabled, so that communication in the most advanced form can be established as needed. If they dont have one, which is still most unlikely you may offer one.


A raincoat with the best coverage will help the guard perform in the harshest weather conditions. Hence you may offer this too, if the security company has not supplied an up to the mark one.

Besides all these, a special eye glass to avoid the suns glare while hiding the eyes of the guard, and a bicycle or Segway for easy riding can be offered for their enhanced efficiency.

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