Getting The Right Plastering Tools

Both professional contractors and home improvement buffs can make any plastering project better with the right plastering tools. There are just a few that are absolutely essential and this article covers these tools in detail.

The main tools you have to have when doing any plastering, painting or drywall work include trowels, hawks or hand boards, jointing knives, and spatulas. The grade of the tool you use can make an impact on the results you get. This is one reason professionals will look to buy only the highest quality tools for plastering. If you are going to do a DIY project, it is up to you to invest in professional tools or just ones that will get the job done.

A trowel is a large stainless steel blade attached to an aluminium handle. This tool is used to smooth plaster or paint over a wall or ceiling evenly. Trowels come in different sizes from mini-trowels to pipe trowels. Hawks or hand boards are square shaped stainless steel or aluminium with handles attached.

The hawk is essential for applying plaster to higher areas on a wall or ceiling. You would apply some wet plaster to the hawk, then climb a step ladder and hold it to dip your trowel in to apply the plaster to the surface. This makes things easier because you do not have to walk up and down the step ladder every time you apply some plaster with the trowel.

Jointing knives are smaller trowels only they have a semi-circle blade. They are useful for reaching crevices, corners, and window sills. You can use them to apply plaster in these spaces more evenly. Joint knives are available at several different price points.

Professionals will want those made for durability and years of use. These knives are often made with carbon blades. A DIY project may only need an inexpensive joint knife. These have titanium blades and plastic handles.

Spatulas are the last of the essential plastering tools you must have before you start your project. These can look like trowels or they can look more like joint knives. They have handles attached to metal blades. The blade may be a long, flat blade or it could be a smaller blade in the shape of a cooking spatula. These help you add the finishing touches to coatings on walls or ceilings.

There is a wide selection of plastering tools available online at and at home improvement stores. Research reviews on the available brands to find the tools from makers that are known for producing the best products. You may not have to pay a lot for quality tools if you take the time to research them.

Before starting a plastering, drywall or paint job, assemble the tools together. They will help make any home improvement or construction project turn out right. While a DIY project might be done with less expensive tools, a professional will want to always have the highest quality possible to get the best results every time.

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